Girls, Ok so this girl backed away after a great first date and cancelled our second date but now she's opening up to me and trusting me?

We had a grea. First date that ended with a light kiss and her contacting me afterwards. She thanked me for the lovely evening and we made plans to go have a drink and play darts. Anyways one day she didn't text me and I told her that I hope we are ok and the next day she replied I'm not looking for a relationship nothing serious thought I told ou that which she did. I said that's fine me either and then she said she's ok with friends which is all I'm wanting right now I know that if we get to know eachother it will progress. I don't wanna jump into anything. She says she fallen to easily in the past for guys and that she couldn't think clearly. She's also stated that she's trusted people only to have them laugh I. Her face pretty much. When she cancelled the date I have her an out but she said we can try for next week. Still didn't happen but she does seem to want to but she doesn't like feeling pressured. We still haven't gone out but she is busy I know this for a fact and we haven't texted as much. On weekend I didn't text her at all until Monday and she replied back and now we've been talking all day since. She's opening up more and trusting me more and she makes great effort to keep the conversation going. What's her deal? Is she starting to trust me and develop feelings for me? We had amazing henistry on the first date and she proved that she felt the same by contacting me right afterwards to thank me. Just keep going slow and steady right? She's obviously interested or do you think she's playing games? She's a sweetheart, she's shy and she's timid but she's perfect for me and. I like everything about her so far. We've been talking for over a month and we've gone out once but I truly think I've met a special woman she's just captured my heart already and I'm scared.


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  • Been there, done that and plenty of GAG reading about her sort.
    One day, you'll write GAG... why did she fall SO FAST for that other guy when she gave me the slow boat to China? Then regrets like... all that time I spent with her down the drain, I could have invested better in another gal, if she would have only confessed her true reasons fro hesitation.

    Well, buddy she DID confess but noooooo, you have to have her so bad, you're willing to invest poorly, instead of just stringing her along as a friend-only while SHOPPING for a better match. A better girlfriend that will eventually cut her out of the deal, so in love she is with you and so NOT about poor me, a gal that has been mistreated. UDH & oh. brother? ?

    This is your wake up call, smell the coffee from someone older/wiser but ONLY b/c they've been taken like this before. It's an old recipe.

    • Your wrong! She's just confessed her true feelings but thanks anyways! She was scared because she's never felt this way before!

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    • Lady get off this

    • Remember me later on down the road & yes, signing off
      IF I get the last word

  • I think she's into you but is afraid of getting disappointed. Make sure you don't make her regret opening up to you 😊

    • I like this girl! Normally I'd be gone by now but not with her! She's worth every minute of this! I want her so bad!! I just know she's the girl for me because I've never felt this way before

    • Well then go for it 😊 make sure she knows the way you feel about her, just try keeping in mind not to be way too on-going.

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