Guys, at what point do you call the girl you're dating your girlfriend?

question is up there ^ so at what point do you call your girl your girlfriend? after a few dates? after the first date?
well it's early and I said "i want to be your girlfriend" and every time we talk he just types <3 and then happy face lol. I'm not sure how to interpret this but we're dating.


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  • Well from past experiences it's when I start introducing 'her' to my friends as my girlfriend. I know after a month of dating my ex girlfriend I'd tell everyone this is my girlfriend 'Judy' blah blah. She'd be like I'm your gf. I would reply 'Yes' It all depends. I know at other times, girls would ask me after a month. What are we? Are we dating, f*** buddies or am I something else. At that point I would decide what I wanted to be with them. It's your call to decide what to do. Either you call him out or you patiently wait. :)


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  • It means that he's not ready to call you that no matter how much you tell him it's what you want. Don't press. A guy calls a girl his girlfriend when he's confirmed that he is intending to date her exclusively. But even that has about a million exceptions. Sorry.

  • Well don't tell him 'you want to be his gf' Make him make his decisions on his own. He needs to man up and ask you. Trust me when a guy is ready he'll ask you or introduce you as your gf. Just go with the flow. Don't over analyze things. Trust me when I do that it just becomes a time bomb and I mess things up. It is what it is.


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