As a model, is it a good idea for me to get into a relationship?

So I am a brand new model. I'm not some big name or big time one obviously. However the photographer and scout that I am working for believe that I could become a model who travels to new York or Los Angeles and I really hope they are right. My dilemma is that I have recently been talking to a girl. We have only been talking about a week so its nothing serious, but she and I really seem to connect. Obviously I'm not going to throw away a chance at a potentially very promising modeling career for a girl I barely know. But at the same time I still want to talk to her and build a real relationship. I'm worried I might get too attached or she might get too attached and then my career takes off and we are both left heart broken. I have my first actual casting coming up in about a week. What's some advice for me?


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  • That's like asking if anyone who has money should even think about getting in a relationship.

    As long as you use common sense and are able to weed out women who will only use you for your fame/status/money (women who expect you to buy things for them constantly or want to go to everything you're going), then yeah. I would think so.

    • I'm more worried about the scheduling. I get what you mean about the money thing. And its true that some women are just landmines waiting to go off when they don't get everything they want.

    • Don't worry about that. There are many women who would be willing to work around your busy schedules.

    • Good and it seems like this girl would want to do that anyways. Thanks for the help!

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  • I would say keep any conversation with her mostly friendly.

    You have a new life ahead of you. You're going to meet new people, you may even meet another girl that you like.

    You guys aren't dating, so it's not as if you have to stay single and "wait" for her.


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  • If the connection between you two really is unusually good, then you should be able to make it work despite your work schedule.

  • lol yes fam, you get me fam?

  • modelling is the work of satan. you provoke sinful thoughts into people with the gifts that God gave you to glorify Him with.. .

    • Firstly you have no idea the style of modeling I am in or will be in. Secondly, the photographer is a very devout christian woman and I'm disgusted you would take a shot at her and her profession. Ignorance.

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