Should I call/email or text him?

So I meet this guy like 2 years ago, he worked next door to my job. My co workers would tell me he's asking about you, or is talking about you. Then one day he sent his number over. Well we talked a couple of times and never really got to hang out. I heard some rumors bout him and just gossip, so that didn't help. Now its 2 years later found him on myspace and we emailed each other and he wanted to hang out. That was 3 days ago, the last time I texted him he didn't answer and that was 2 days ago. I really want to call him or email him but I don't want to bug him or seem like a crazy girl, what should I do? P. S. I like him


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  • I'd say wait a little while, longer (maybe a day or two) and if he still hasn't gotten back to you send him a text, texting will make it seem less important so you don't have to be concerned about seeming like a "crazy girl". If you call him it'll make him feel under pressure so, I'd stick to texting if he still hasn't responded.

    • Well on he called me the same day we were emailing each other but later that night and I texted him cause he hadn't called and then he called me and he said he had called me like 2 times, but I didn't receive the calls, fyi. I have an iphone. And then it was the next day he was like lets meet up later this week and then I had texted later that day. And that's when he never answered. So I know I'm rambling but does that change anything?

    • I figured you had talked to him on the phone already at some point, the reason I had suggested texting after a day or two is that you said you didn't "want to bug him or seem like a crazy girl". Texting seems less pushy, because it allows time to respond. Also remember technology is great but it can malfunction, the text may have not gone through, or not notified him he had a new one. So, like I said, give it AT LEAST one more day, then text him.

    • Ok. Thanks a lot!

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