I'm totally stuck! Need advice?

So, in Dececember I have my borfriends birthday and our 2 year anniversary. But i cannot decide what to get him. I try to stay away fromm really cheesy things, and really just wanna get something for both events that he'll love
Does anyone have any good ideas? Any ideas are greatly appreciated

the other thing is that I live in NY, so I never know what the weather is going to be. It could be nice, or I could be snowed in


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  • Watch if you can afford a desecent one


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  • Instead of an object try an experience. Like for my boyfriends Christmas present I took him to a wolf preserve to play with wolves since they are his favorite animal.


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  • Is there no game that he would like?
    Or does he have a favorite series? a dvd box of his favorite series, a collection of those series


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