How to surprise him, make him happy, and make it up for him?

How can I make it up for my boyfriend? He's a little upset and he's been saying stuff like I don't really take care of his needs and that I take more than I give. So what would be a nice thing to do to surprise and make him feel appreciated? I really love him and don't want him to feel this way. A special date/a gift/behavior?


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  • Sneak onto his computer check what kinda port he watchs I'm thinking that will give you the awnser


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  • make him dinner and then cuddle on the couch while watching his favorite movies. and if you two are at the stage of sex. then give him the night of his life.


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  • Well you can give him a surprise but it's not gonna be enough. You will continue to have to show him that you care about the relationship by doing little things for him every now and then.