Is "sorry i've been busy lately" just a cop out?

I've been going on dates with this guy for a couple weeks. Going out to eat, movies, making out in his room. Although he is pretty soft spoken he opened up to me immediately. We seemed to really like each other.
After about the fourth date he started being distant. He seemed much more relaxed & almost a little hint of arrogance. He stopped his "Good Morning" texts. I asked what was up and he told me he's been doing a lot of thinking & is confused.
He recently found out about & met his biological parents, & is homesick & is worried about starting college & working less. He seemed pretty upset. so I consoled him a little about that over the phone. After the last time I saw him he didn't invite me inside like usual. He said he need to call about school and his that is back was sore. He didn't kiss or hug me goodbye, just said "ill talk to you tomorrow"
Then he went a full day without texting me, then the next day he just said "Hey" in the late evening.
Then yesterday I texted him & he didn't respond.
Today he texted me saying "Hey sorry I've been busy as fuck lately" I was kinda hurt & hesitant by him ignoring me so I just replied "okay" & that was that for today so far.

I half want to try to keep a convo going but I don't want to seem clingy & show that I'm bothered and I half want to tell him "if you are too busy or lost interest just be honest with me" & move on.

I know the whole "been busy" thing is usually what guys say when they want to stop seeing you or when they are playing their silly games.
Should I move on? Advice please.


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  • He is using the 'I'm too busy' thing to get some space so this is the time to not only give him space, you need to give him too much. Take a week away before texting him and see if he messages you. This way he has time to think and you can respect his space.


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  • Sounds like he's lost interest honestly.


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  • You should tell him that

    • Tell him what?

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    • First he said 'I'm sorry, do you want to do something today (yestersay) & I'm not busy right now" I told him I couldn't because it was too late in the evening. I also said "I just don't want to waste my time"
      He said "I like you. I really do. I'm just not ready for a relationship. I thought I was but I'm not.
      Then I basically said "Ok bye"
      He didn't reply. I late realized that was kinda insensitive & I was upset so later on I texted him saying I know he has a lot going on & if he wants we can still see each other, talk & just be friends. He agreed to that. So we're taking it from there.
      We meeting for dinner tomorrow night.

    • You found out the truth. I wouldn't wait around for him. You're free to date others since you're just friends

  • Dumplease his ass


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