How can you tell if a guy is just using you for sex?

Any way to know for sure?

I've been dating a guy for a month now and he is really nice. He introduces me to his friends, holds my hand in public, takes me on dates etc. But we always end up having sex at the end of the night and we actually had sex on our very first date (which I NEVER do just to be clear) it just happened.

So i don't know... I've been used before and have major trust issues.


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  • Once you started having sex with someone, it's extremely difficult to stop since that is now the expectation. Sex is awesome, but like all good things it can be warped into something terrible. And when you are only expressing yourself in one way, a relationship turns sour. Try to communicate with him that you want to explore each other in other ways. He deserves to know how you feel and you should also find out his feelings. You shouldn't be taken advantage of, but you don't know if that's what he's really doing until you try other things.


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  • I would say just try to see what he does if you decide not to have sex with him. If he tries to pressure you into it, there's a pretty good chance he's been using you for sex. Best of luck<3

    • Use and abuse!

    • we have hung out twice without having sex we were at his friends party and then I had to leave so he took me home and the other we were hanging out during the day.

    • From what you've said about him in both your question and here, he does seem like a nice guy. I wouldn't overthink it too much. Goodluck, and be careful too! <3

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  • The way to find out would be to stop fucking him


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