Is it weird that he likes me?

So this guy from highschool told me that he liked me. I was shocked because he never said anything while we were in school. He recently asked me out and I told him it wouldn't work because I'm moving and long distance wouldn't work. He wants to hang out before I go but its like out schedules never work out.
Why did he wait so long to tell me how he felt?


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  • Because he was too shy. In my early 20's I worked in an office with a really nice but super shy guy and a very cute slightly younger girl. He liked her a lot but never told her. She liked him too but thought he wasn't interested. So she gives up and dates another guy, they get engaged. Finally he tells her about a week before the wedding. She married the other guy anyway, and last I knew, and it's been a long while, they were both unhappy -- she was bored in her marriage and he was still alone.

    • Awwee, that's so sad

    • So if you know a guy like him and he's shy (but not totally passive in life) maybe let him know. But put it back on him to take charge "So, when are you going to ask me out?"

    • Hahha thanks

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  • Some guys are shy like that


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  • He found out you where moving and started freaking out

    • Hahahha, no he found out I was moving early July lol and he told me how he felt

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