Is it bad if you don't kiss on a first date?

i like this guy a lot and I told him right off the bat that I like to take things slow. last night he came over and watched a movie with me and my roommates, so it wasn't really a date, just hanging out. when he left, I gave him a big hug and that was it. he didn't try to kiss me and I didn't try to kiss him. plus, my roommate was standing across the room anyway. I didn't feel it was good timing for a kiss, and I didn't want to force it. I was worried that he would think I didn't like him, so I sent him a text after he left telling him I was glad he came to hang out. did I blow it, or is this ok?


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  • I think it would have been better if it was just the 2 of you minus the roommates. It would have make it a lot easier and more comfortable to kiss you good night. But I think the date went pretty well and I'm sure he'll kiss you next time

  • I think that was perfectly fine.

    He was there so he should have understood your situation if he was understanding enough. And you did tell him from the start that you wanted to take things slow.

    Just ask him if he has time for another date or hangout to show you like being around him.

    No worries. :)