I Just Do Not Understand :-/?

(tried my best to spare the details)

Went out on first date with guy two weeks ago on Friday I met on dating site

Date went well... we held hands, told me we definitely should do this again, and he walked me to my car expecting a kiss but I don't move that fast on first date so I sorta turned away. He understood and said it's fine

Messaged me to ask if I made it home ok,

responded next morning

He messaged three days later (Monday) asking about weekend, responded

Eventually told me about his schedule, that we may have to wait till next weekend (upcoming weekend) to see each other since he didn't get any days off that work for us, suggested Sunday since he works til 4:30pm, told him that should work

He messages me few days later asking me about my week, responded, I asked him about his weekend, to which he did not respond

Yesterday (two days later), I tried reaching out by asking him if we are still planning for Sunday since I wanted to make sure there were no possible time conflicts. He hasn't responded.

He says I'm the first person he's met from site, he let me know he's not looking for hookups, instead looking for a relationship. It's been two weeks since the first date... has it been that long ago to keep initial connection aka lost cause?

Hey everyone! Turns out he did reply. He told me that he would love to meet but he can't on Sunday but he suggested other days next week. I haven't yet replied but I'm glad I kept my cool 8-) thanks everyone!


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  • Try once more

    • Thanks, I'll maybe try reaching out to him once more, but I fear that may be desperate in the end. I'll give him til the pm tonight and if he contacts me tomorrow, I'll tell him I didn't hear from him in time and that I made other plans.

Most Helpful Girl

  • Sounds very odd for him to not respond. His actions were very positive and that seemed to enjoy your first date (hence why he responded and you scheduled another date).

    If I were you I'd just wait this one out and see what happens. Maybe something happened or he got very busy. Do not jump to conclusions!

    • Thanks I will. He said he had Thursday off (yesterday) and so I ended up messaging him last night to see about Sunday, haven't heard from him ever since *shrug*

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  • If he doesn't respond till tomorrow, forget about him.


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