Should I stop pursuing this girl?

I have asked this girl out four times. She claimed she had things going on the first 2 but made it easy on the third time for us to have a great date. The fourth time she couldn't again. Now anyone would say she's not interested because she can't fit me in. Yet she was willing to tell people that we were going on a date and then tell them we had fun. She continues to touch me and try to tickle me in front of people who in turn assume something is going on between us. I have been giving her the benefit of the doubt because she does work 50 hours a week but I don't know what to think. She doesn't usually reach out through text but if I text her she puts effort and thought into her messages. I just don't want to be lead on with all of this flirting. Should I stop pursuing?


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  • If she keeps declining dates without following up and arranging a date for a better time then she's NOT interested regardless of what other actions may possibly show.

    If I liked a guy and he asked me out on a date that I couldn't go to, I'd immediately get back to him and set up a date for another time.

    • And that was my issue this whole time. It's just the way she acts around me in person. Why does she do the whole tickling thing when there are other people around we both know. It's like you know how you are supposed to take that?

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    • @Asker

      Why are you trying to convince yourself that she likes you? You're obviously not listening to anything I'm saying and getting defensive.

      Why ask for advice then in the first place?

    • I'm agreeing with you. Sorry if it's coming off as defensive. I'm just saying like why is she doing all of this if she isn't interested? Is she just that cruel? It's not like I am the only guy in the world. More so I just want to know why she does this stuff.

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  • "Should I stop pursuing?"

    Yea man, I've never had a successful run at a girl that i had to doubt or contemplate if she likes me. It usually ends with me overthinking and ultimately become frustrated.

    If a girl likes you, she will make sure you know it and make sure she makes the dates. If she is too busy to go on a date.. well she'll be too busy to start a relationship as well.

    I know you like her but... a lot of women use guys for attention as well, not to say this is the case but just keep that in end as your judgement is currently mixed/clouded.

    • My problem is I overthink everything. I mean everything. I think too much into every little detail. This is why I want your opinions. She has hasn't been working as much lately so I think I'll ask one more time and if it's a no go I'm out.
      Thank you so much for your input!

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    • And I am agreeing with you. I'm just trying to make sure that I get a few opinions.

    • Yea i can see that, logic brain says "stop, it's not going to work."

      emotion / penis: "keep going!"

      No one can blame you.

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