Girls, Is texting everyday and her replying to my goodmorning texts a sign of interest?

I usually initiate conversation but she's a shy girl! I'll sometimes leave texts that she doesn't have to reply to but she does anyways. Her way of starting concersation is stop texting one night and carry it on the next day. Before we met we texted all the time even when she was hiking in the mountains and then we went out and kissed and she contacted me first after the date thanking me! We stopped texting so much and she cancelled our second date but she's busy and I know this for a fact! I gave her space and now we are texting everyday again. She will challenge my opinions, she gives me advice on things that partain to my health or something like that and she keeps the conversation going. It's not like our texting was at first she only replies when she's not busy which is normal I think but when we first met she always texted me all day long. Anyways she's gone this weekend and we were talking and all the sudden radio silence. I'm so confused what to think. She's made it clear that she wants to hangout with me but she's just busy. Is her conversations with me a sign of interest?


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  • I find that she Isn't putting you on her pay no mind list with Keeping the lines of convo going and flowing by Nursing and nurturing pushing a button on her own end Possibly to See... If she really wants to reschedule Our second date.
    She may be this busy beaver but as you see, she has found time to "make plans for this weekend,' which is telling me she Isn't All that 'busy' when it comes to her Top people priorities.
    Go along with her slow flow for now. Feel her out. Find out When might a good time or her to pencil you in for another round of the Amazing first time so you can see if this Relationship might Spike for Another... Hike.
    If you do see that things are not playing out the way you want, focus on you and finding new company so you don't spend your own valued weekends sitting home alone with A... Radio silence.
    Good luck. xx

    • It's a family reunion that was scheduled months ago

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    • Omg but now she's back to normal is my point lol

    • lol.. Back at Square One it seems.:)) xx

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  • It could go both ways but I think her actions seem positive overall. However texting is never a good thing to go by. You'll need to go out on actual dates more to accurately be able to make a conclusion.

    • We went on date 1 and it ended with a kiss and which she texted me 20 minutes later thanking me for the nice evening. Her busy month made it hard to see her again she's a very busy family oriented women. Based on all this she's interested right?

    • @Asker

      As I said... it's impossible to say and it can go both ways.

  • By what u say she likes u... maybe she is just enjoying with her friends... we all need a break from our phones n social media... give her space... but dont always text her first... it makes u look despo... let her start the convo sometimes... while she is away enjoying herself u should also do something fun (not cheating lol) but do some guy stuff... the bad thing about waiting for a text is that with time the wait seems endless... make urself busy while u wait for her text so that way u manage both ur lifestyle n her
    all the best :)


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