No contact two days after date, does it mean no second date?

I went on a pof date on Wednesday with a guy I had been talking to for two weeks. I thought we hit it off. We stayed and had drinks for almost four hours. After he got the cheque I asked what time it was and he said he was in no hurry and we stayed another hour. Then he walked me to my car and hugged me. He told me to text him sometime and we could arrange something. I texted him when I got home and he answered but he hasn't been message mw throughout the day anymore like he did before our first meetup. Does that mean he's not interested?


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  • He's lost interest. Even if he gets back in contact with you it still doesn't mean he likes you that much.

    • Could you expand a bit? What tells you he's not interested?

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  • nah nah.. he's busy man.. give him time.. you get me fam?

  • If he's on POF, he's probably dating other women too. That's the whole online dating game. People usually keep a lot of options open. He will probably get back to you soon.


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  • it's hard to say. i wouldn't say that he's no longer interested altogether. it has only been two days.. he's probably busy, or just doesn't want to seem clingy. give him a little time to respond. since he told you to text him and arrange something, it sounds like he's interested. i'd wait a little bit longer and try to pursue it!

  • He's not that interested. Every date I've been on the guy asked asked me to hangout again like immediately.


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