Should I email him again or his he playing mind games?

Hello people,

So a couple of months back a friend (Joe) of mine used to date like 3 years ago but broke up. Basically I started seeing someone else after me and him broke up , i didn't plan on it to happen that way but it appears that Joe never seemed to get over it. Any way we had a fight recently about what happened when me and him broke up, cause right now i am single ( we have hooked up during my rebound period) and i started having feelings for Joe again when i told him how i felt, he basically lied to me that he was seeing someone else and that it was serious. I got really upset and heart broken, Later he calls and tells me he lied that he wasn't seeing anyone, just wanted me to know how it felt when i left him for someone else and in qote " to see my reaction". Like i begged joe to take me back the first time when we broke up, anyway back to the story , i got pissed and stopped talking to him for like a month or so. ONly for me to recieve an email from him three/four days ago, telling me he wanted to see me and talk to me in person. I gave him the benefit of the doubt replied back and set up a time to meet cause the day he suggested didn't work for me. Its been 4 days now and he still hasn't replied!!

Like was he just playing mind games with me again, like why did he email me in the first place? should i email him again? What should i do?


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  • Call him email is old school

    • He recently lost his phone

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    • Well wait waiting is hard but easy at the same time

    • well thats all i can do i guess

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  • You should ignore him.


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