When is the right time to kiss?

I've been dating this guy for three weeks now. We've known each other for almost a year, and been talking constantly for months. So, we know each other really well. I know he kisses on the first date usually, but he hasn't even tried to kiss me yet. Have any ideas why?


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  • Yep yep from movies that we all see.

    If a guy doesn't kiss you or touch you, the same way he did to his other girlfriends it's usually a good sign!

    That means he doesn't want to hurt you. He doesn't think that you're like his ex girlfriends. So your turn is going to come up when he think it's the right time!

    And and and just so you know, do not get impatient. Do not kiss him first! Some guys want to be the first one to do those stuff and they think it's weird when girls do it ;)

    • Thanks, I was hoping it was a good sign but wasn't sure. Appreciate the help :)

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  • Maybe he's afraid you're not ready yet and doesn't want to rush things. I know I would never rush a kiss or anything sexual with a girl so maybe that's why. Or it could be that he doesn't know if you like him a lot, so let him know. Also, this could mean that he likes you more than the other girls he's been around.

    • Hoping it's that he likes me more than his past girlfriends. I know he's said that he does before so hopefully that's all it is. Thanks for the help :)

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