I'm trying out OkCupid-why is it so many guys on there are only looking for hookups when its a DATING site?

I've gotten over 100 messages in the past week and all the attractive and decent ones are after hookups or don't respond and the ones that message me (usually desperately) are all not my type or unattractive. What gives?

Why is it that so many guys on a DATING site are after casual sex, like why not use a site thats for casual sex like Fuckbook. com? I'm interested in something longterm, not casual, isn't that what OkCupid is for?


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  • Because guys have a lot of testosterone and we want to have sex with a variety of different women before we're stuck with just one for life (Unless you're a typical male GAG virgin). Why can't women be a little more promiscuous?

    • Cuz the site is for DATING no hookups, i dont mind guys wanting hookups but can't they go somewhere else like fuckbook or naughty date. com? I thought thats why its called OkCUPID not OkHookup...

    • Look under the options for "what are you looking for" You'll see Long Term Dating, Short Term Dating, New Friends... and Casual Sex

      Womp womp

    • I'm pretty sure no matter what you use on the internet there's going to be a ton of guys trying to hook up with you. It's not the internet, it's just a fact of life.

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  • forget social media go out and look for a guy you can see. If you got so many responces that is a good thing you are attractive so go out and met new people.


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  • If you go to a dating site where males do not have to pay to meet you.. you are going to meet the lowly scum of the earth males who are trying to troll for sex.
    POF, OKCupid, CasualKiss... All garbage scum hook up sites.

    If you want to meet a guy actually looking for a reputable connection... you have to go with a pay site.
    If a guy has to pay and is willing to... he is obviously actually interested in meeting someone for more than just sex.

    • You get a limited amount of options on OkCupid if you use it for free, to really be able to use features to get anything out of it you have to pay. Same with POF

    • I have been on those sites and POF will allow full communication.
      OKCupid is a little more locked down but it is by no means less scummy.

  • I get the feeling that you receive messages from guys that actually want a relationship... And you probably ignore them. I always try to look for somebody compatible with me and I send a messages but never receive a reply... I'm happy now because I deactivated my account :)

  • it may be, but guys are guys and will always remain guys. :)

    • Wtf does that mean? What may be, did you even read my post? I asked WHY they all seem to want hookups. And 'guys being guys' is no excuse for them to fuck around on a dating site and expect hookups when most girls on there are looking for dates and relationships.

  • Lol, guess you are attractive! But guys go on there to A hookup, B, Meet new friends due to being introverts social anxiety. C l, look for real relationships and I'd say the highest is A

    • Thanks for the response, can I ask why on a DATING site that most guys are on there for hookups and new friends? If you want a hookup, go see a prostitude, go to your slutty neighbor, or go on fuckbook, if you want new friends, go to social event, go on friends. com, why do they all have to go on a dating site where most girls are going to assume everyone on there wants an actual real relationship? its OkCUPID, not okHookup or ok FRIENDs.

    • Not really sure. If you want better success go to like match a paid site. They aren't going to pay for hookups odds are or friend's so you'll havr more success finding guys looking for a relationship there.

  • Welcome to 2015, where casual sex. ia. the thing to and anyone else who wants to do something different, well, good luck.

    • That's fucked up... its like casual sex is the norm and oh god dating and relationships are like a foreign concept or something

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    • Dont go with a pack girls lol. Its hard to ask a girl out when her friends are with her. You should go with just one other friend. When you see a guy you like just keep looking his way. Look, then look away. Then repeat. If he doesn't do anything then he is either shy or doesnthave any balls lol so move onto the next guy.

    • Ok thanks I'll try :p

  • Simple.

    1. A lot of girls hook up, so every guys wants to try his luck. Costs nothing, after all.
    2. If you bang a girl first, she will flake less on you.
    3. why pay for date and go through effort when you know a lot of men go right to sex? We all want to be "rich" so to speak.


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