* my bus account he does use any more* Will my boyfriend forgive me?

IM a popular 16 year old cheerleader and he's a 15 year old unpopular nerd , I've been taking him for granted and I love him with all my heart but I've been a b*tch lately ands he's been ignoring me, How can I get hike to forgive me?

Bf's account by the way please help and Im a girl
I'm a girls he's a guy I'm using his old account!!


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  • are you a girl?

    • Yes I am

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    • I slapped him randomly yesterday boyfriend I was mad at my parents and his best friend/twin sister (same person)
      me he cried all night last night

    • you really are a bitch.. sorry.. but you deserve it.. he would be so hurt. ask for forgiveness.. and if he doesn't then accept it and leave him alone,.. so he can move on..

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  • just ask him to forgive you lol... you get me fam?


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  • You're gay?


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  • aplogoize and be sweet to the guy take him places and baby him and if ur into that kind of thing f*ck him. or just love on him and show you are sorry. my girlfriend tickles me until im not mad anymore

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