Girls just a question?

Your 18 and a 17 year old guy tried hurting you over a rumor. The punk is 5'7 and instead took off his anger on your car and broke a window. Your boyfriend who is 20 and 5'10 came to your school. He saw and confronted the kid and instantly punched him twice in the face. A fight ensued and your boyfriend tripped on a stop sign pole and fell hard on his back. As he was getting back up he was nailed in the face. It instantly lead to a black eye but your boyfriend wanted to keep fighting and he did. The cops came and everyone ran. The next day the whole school was laughing at you and your boyfriend.

How would you feel about all this? would you think any less of your bf? no calling cops because it'll make it worst both parties teenagers thing i know


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What Girls Said 1

  • I would think I have a fucking awesome boyfriend and everyone else can go fuck themselves


What Guys Said 1

  • I would think the boyfriend an idiot for getting invovled in a fight with a kid.


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