Girls, im I a bad guy :(?

so i have only been happy twice with women. the first one i let slip n get married to her baby daddy becuz my stupid ass wanted to be romantic and ask her out in person instead of over text when i got back from ohio. the 2nd one i knew loved me and i loved her she wanted me she was amazing, thick, treated me right, beautiful, smart, funny, and wanted me more than anyone... well i have a girlfriend of a few years now and im not really happy... at all. well i was asked by a girl if you dont love her why do you stay... i stay becuz she is happy and it warms my heart to make her happy and i can't bring myself to break her heart. my friend thinks im a monster for sacrificing my own happiness to make her happy. people fail to understand is that thats fine with me im okay that. reason im okay with that is becuz im not 100% sure ik what happiness is... am i a bad guy for that? and what do you thinkk i should do?


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  • It's only bad if you know you'll leave her eventually...
    If you will then just let her go now.
    Try to find happiness elsewhere - but maybe you're one of those people who doesn't really experience happiness with great enthusiasm - it's more like contentment - in which case maybe you're okay to stay with her...
    But best to go out there and try to figure yourself out.


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