Guys, Ok so my boyfriend of one year is always accusing me of cheating, even with someone really close to him. Although seperated he's married?

He's had two children on his wife when they were together. Although we are together he isn't with her anymore he has even suggested that I move in with him. But for the last few months he accuses me of cheating. And im not. Its reallt starting to get to me and now having doubts about our relationship. What the hell is wrong with him?


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  • You know what they say...
    Maybe he's the one cheating and feeling guilty.

    I don't see how this would come out of the woodworks if you haven't given him reason to believe so.

    Have you ever cheated on him in the past?

    Has he ever been horribly betrayed by his ex in that way?

    Maybe his insecurities are coming to light because he fears the worst.

    There could be various reasons why he's accusing you.
    This is a sticky situation to be in.
    The only thing he's going to do is ruin your relationship if he keeps this up.


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