Has anyone else noticed that latina girls have a thing for white guys?

Maybe its just where i live but i see loads of white guy with latina girls. I've asked some of my friends who are white and they say they get checked out a lot by them. I just went to the mall and a lot of latina girls were flat out checking me out. Even my sister noticed. Has anyone else seen this or is it just my city. Pueblo, colorado.


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  • There are Latinas that date white guys. Most stick to dating Latino guys. Are you sure many of those guys you thought were white that these Latinas were with, were actually Latino guys? There are many Latinos with light skin. Most Latinos with light skin have my look, and by my look I mean (black hair, light skin, and brown eyes combined).


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  • Perhaps it's true, but honestly why does it matter?

    • Im just curious? Im not one of those trolls trying to get a reaction. I truly just want ti know what other people have noticed.

  • That's true. The main reason being that their own race tends to treat them very bad generally. I spent over a year down in Guatemala, and can attest to the severe level misogyny and women's frustration with it.

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