Do I leave him alone temporarily?

so this guy I met online 2 months ago, moved back home where we're from. we talked all the time at first, typically. when he moved back, he couldn't wait to see me. we went on our dates, he introduced me to his kids, mine to him for a few minutes. he became sick with bronchitis for the last week and a half but we cuddled up and watched a movie still the other night before I went home. he doesn't text as much as usual the last 2 days but still calls me babe, sweetheart, and such.. he just doesn't initiate the texts as much anymore or the "good morning baby" texts which I loved.. I took him a get well care basket I put together and texted him that I still liked the idea of being his girl and the package was to make sure he knew someone cared how he was doing.(his ex wife never showed any of that). he said "awww thanks sweetheart (insert kiss emoticon)" then I asked if he wants a date night when he feels better, followed by no answer... is he just distant with texting because he's sick, and should I just let him have some space for a few days? and does it sound like he still wants to date me?

  • text him genetically still, with funny stuff, being normal, etc
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  • give him space and let him text when he feels up to it
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  • He is sick, so I would say give him some time, don't cut him off entirley but do give him some space. Maybe a text saying that you'll stop texting him so he can rest up and get well. I think your reading way to much into the texting thing (as most women seem to do).


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  • Let him come to you


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  • Being sick can mess with your head, so don't try to interpret what's going on and don't try to talk about your relationship. Just take care of him in whatever way you can and he'll get the idea.

  • have sex already


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