Kissing a girl with a boyfriend?

Well my problem is that I don't really know how to go about the situation. Me and this girl were at this store studying and flirting a lot, touching, she constantly keep staring at me and finally we sat down and read a book. During that time she laid on me like as if I was her Boyfriend and we cuddled, she has a boyfriend and then I went in and kissed her. The problem is that she has a boyfriend, she said she wants to break up with him so that we can go out, I don't really care either way I sort of like her that's why I went in and kissed her but I don't think I like her enough. We've made out a couple of times already in the car and such and she kinda feels guilty but she said she overcomes it because she likes me so much.

So how can I go about finding out whether I like her enough or don't like her and drop it? How can I find this out for myself? please help.


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  • it sounds like you already know. you don't care one way or another whether she breaks up with her bf. even though it's probably not what she wants to hear, you need to let her know that you aren't worth breaking up with her boyfriend over.

  • it's not okay. but mostly on her part. if you actually care about this girl at all then you'll see how it's only hurting her and put an end to it. I don't know if you would want to be with this girl though since she's obviously a cheater with no remorse.


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