Girl broke up with me for the stupidest shit ever?

So fuck these feelings first of all my ex for 2 almost 3 months broke up with me because she was afraid of liking another guy while we where at different schools for a year but then she told me that the year after ( when she transfers to the same school as me ) that we can get together if we aren't dating anyone? i mean i really dont know what to do or say about this it sounds so egoistical but she dosent think so... should i give her another shot or let her go?


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  • That's not stupid.
    It's customary to break up when you change schools, or things end up shit. Get together with her again.

    • Thank you brotha i needed this. I'll see where things go and hopefully get together with her again, plus if you love something an set it free if it comes back it's meant to be.

    • No problem, glad i can help.. Those downvotes though XD

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  • You should let her go. I broke up with my high school boyfriend when I went to college 'cause I wasn't prepared to do the long distance thing. He was great and we both went on to have good lives - c'est ca.

    • But the problem is it won't be long distance she lives not to far from me she's been over to my house before

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  • Lol no what are you a rebound

  • Well you're 16 so none of it matters at all

    • Age doesn't mean much

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    • Moving away to another school is a good excuse to break up with you, and it's the smart thing to do anyway. She realizes that you're just a teenage relationship and she should keep herself open to meeting other people and not let her life be weighed down by a half-hearted long-distance relationship for a year, and possibly be tempted to cheat on you and do the wrong thing.

    • It's not necessarily long distance she lives a 15 min walk from my house. I'm going to just see where things go and we aren't together then it wasn't meant to be.

  • tell her to go fuck herself


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