When should you start posting picture of your new date on facebook?

Things at the begining are very fragile even if you do agree to be exclusive. (the stage before offical relationship)

When should you post picture of your new girl onto facebook or even talk about her to people?


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  • I don't even make the effort to put my own face on FB no way am I going to that much effort for someone else. I don't know I think this is more b/c I'm terrible at FB more than anything else.


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  • Approximately when you feel like it.
    But I'd like to ask tho.
    Why would you post pictures of your "new girl" onto facebook?

    • She is keen on posting stuff. We went to a restaurant and she asked if she can tag me. I told her to tag away. but 3 days later he deleted the post...

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    • @Ishtar
      You gotta make sure they'll get along together first lol
      Introducing two person who have nothing in common with each other is pointless tho ain't it?
      Introducing two person who are like the reverse of each other is even worse.

      Just saying it's not like..
      "HEY , I've got a new SO now.. yah me , check him/her out" to people who you know is gonna grind with each other wrong.

      I like to keep my social circles separated from each other.

    • I can see your point of view. I'm just used to going to social events so meeting people or mixing circle is not a big deal to me.

      Also I think one of the fun part is mixing people and see their intereaction ;)

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  • Facebook is a great place to cause drama.


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  • If you and her want to get public, anytime.