Couldn't talk to girls when I had a good chance?

So I when out to have dinner with one of my friends tonight and afterwards we went to the arcade to play some games. There was this one girl who we were watching while we waited for her to finish so we could play. She turned around when she finished, looked at us and walked away. My friend noticed she forgot to take her tickets she won, so I grabbed them and went to find her, looked around for a bit, found her and said " here are your tickets", she said thanks and I turned the other way and walked away.

Next we were playing the basket ball game where you have to dunk as many balls as possible in 45 seconds or so to get points. There were two girls waiting for us to finish so when we did they started playing. My friend liked one girl and I liked the other and he was saying I should ask for ones number, but I couldn't just go up to some random girl and do that. Then the next second a ball comes rolling towards me because one of the girls must have thrown the ball wrong and it bounced out of the cage, my friend told me to go and give it back but I was a bit hesitant but I then picked it up and went back over to try and give it back but they were still playing because of the game timer, I then stood behind one of them and threw it and it went in the net, the girl turned around and looked at me in shock, I then grinned and walked off not knowing what to do.

My friend then said we should ask for their numbers but since I've never done that before I was nervous. We walked around the arcade for a bit and then went outside, my friend said he could go ask for one of the girls numbers for me but I was still hesitant, but after about 5 minutes outside I said lets go back. They were playing some game so we were going to wait for them to finish and my friend was going to ask them if they wanted to hang out. But they were playing this game for so long we decided to leave.

Kind of regretting not doing things differently as it would have been good experience to just talk to one of those girls in one of the two situations I had the chance. Because if I made a fool of myself I would unlikely to see them again anyway.

by the way I've never asked for a girls number before or asked a girl to hang out.

How would you have handled this situation?

  • Give them the tickets/ball and introduce yourself
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  • Give them the tickets/ball and then walk off and try and talk to them later
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  • Give them the tickets/ball and then walk off
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  • Ask for thier number before giving the tickets/ball back
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  • Keep the tickets for yourself, leave the ball where it is
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  • other
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Girls giving out their numbers, to them, is not that big of a deal. Remember, if she's good looking, she's been asked a lot in her life. Having that confidence to talk to them and ask really speaks to girls. I know you want to know about this situation, but I want you to be ready for the next one: when you ask for her number. Girls are people too, and they usually like guys, usually. So when you treat them like girls, they really enjoy this attention. The approach is really easy, walk up to her and ask her for her name. If you want to tell her your name, you can. But this isn't about you, this is about her. And if she asks for your name, it makes it all the more interesting that she wants to know. Make a comment and act like you've already met but forgot her name. Play it cool and have fun. Girls like guys who are fun and can make them feel comfortable around them. Find your confidence and start talking to them. Talk to lots of people, every time you go out into public. And when you see a good looking girl, you can easily talk to her and not worry so much about whether or not she gives you her number because most likely you won't see her again, just like the basketball girls. You miss 100% of the shots you don't take. So get out there and start asking.


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  • i'd go wid "C" obviously.

    i don't xpect they'd give me their # just coz i gave 'em back sth they forgot (tickets) or sth they dropped (balls)

    it's a wrong tactic in my opinion... if u ask for #s just coz u made a nice gesture once.. then sorry but they'd consiser u desperate :)

  • Other: I would've fucked shit up


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