Bf/gf dismissed me?

So I made plans with my girlfriend to go out on a weekend she agreed and stuff, close to the day she just tottaly cancelled it to go to a guys birthday party... So boys and girls it this acceptable would you do such thing to your partner or would you allow such thing. Ps: she is always partying and she lied to me she is a virgin

I'm so pissed off that didn't write the title right


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  • I wouldn't be so quick to dismiss her rude behaviour, after all she could have invited you to come to, even if you didn't want to go, it's the thought that counts and she made no effort to do so. I would be pissed, and she lied about being a virgin.. for what purpose, lying in a relationship is only bad signs xx

    • Yeah I found out she is very far from being a virgin

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  • Woah, What a fuckin asshole thing to do!.

    I'd be pissed off if i were you too.


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  • i would really pissed if i was in your situation


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