How long should I wait before I quit?

Been dating for 6 weeks and by week 4 he said he always date one person at a time only. I asked if that means we are exclusive. He said yes. I asks if we are in relationship he said no.

I asked what's the difference if we aren't seeing other people? He goes I dunno.

This is is week 6 I things haven't really progress as he hasn't call it a relationship and such. Shoul I call it a quit to cut my loss?


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  • Don't wait for him to define the relationship. Because that's what you're both in.
    Start acting like you're in the early stages of a relationship. He'll soon catch on.

    • So far his communication is constant. Lots of affections and PDA when we are out. He cook together and do little things together. Are these things like early relationship?

    • Without a doubt.

    • I see... I'm glad I didn't jump the gun to leave him... He just invited me to go watch him playing in a team sport... meaning I will meet his team mate not being kept as secret as I assumed

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  • Wtf's he on about?

    Not in a relationship but not exclusive?

    Is he mentslly retarded

    • I know right. He said we are exclusive but not in relationship. He is fucking crazy

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  • Wth... I guess, he just likes sex, and he isn't serious about relationship as of now.
    If I were you, I would call it quit

    • I'm not sure if sex is all he wanted as he didn't push for it like others. Also he was dateless and sexless in his mid 20s for 4 years.

    • But, it's been 6 weeks. You asked him to make it exclusive, but he's still not ready? That's weird 4 weeks should have been enough for him to make up his mind, don't you think?

    • i think there's misunderstanding. By week 4 he told me we are exclusive.

      I asked does that mean we are only dating each other and he said yes. I asked how is this different to being in relationship he responded. I dunno.

  • wait!!! so you've been dating for 6 weeks and when you ask him if you guys are in a relationship he says no? this "relationship" ain't going nowhere

    • He said we are dating exclusively though. That's why I'm confused

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    • Ok I will text him to tell him I'm looking else where

    • why waste your time texting him? just stop contacting him i'll think he'll get the message

  • give it a bit more time. just make sure to tell him no if he brings up sex.

    • Too late... Already slept with him when we decided to be exclusive

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    • I'm older but not much experience in real relationships lol

    • I'm kinda in the same boat. I've only ever been with my husband. he was my first everything. date, kiss, sex. so I don't really know what the dating scene is like.

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