She hasn't even texted or called me back.

Here goes: This girl I like at my college had two classes with me. We started slowly chatting about a month in to the semester and I grew to like her a lot and she showed a lot of signs she liked me as well. She always laughs at my jokes and generally smiles and seems really nice when I talk with her. I got her number a couple weeks ago and asked her to study with me on campus. She agreed, but the day came and she didn't show up. This past Thursday we had another great conversation before our final for an hour. I was planning on letting her know how much I like her and was even going to give her a gift. I asked her to wait for me after class and she said yes. She ended up finishing about 10 minutes before me and I when I went outside she wasn't there. I texted her twice, then called and left a message response. I couldn't believe she just left me there. It was the last time I'll see her in a class because she graduates soon. At the very least I'll have opportunities to contact her since I have her number (I also know her MySpace). I'm just curious as to why she did this, because she seems so nice and she said she would wait for me, but didn't. Even if she forgot to wait, it doesn't explain the fact that she hasn't even texted or called me back. I'm just concerned that she is really nervous or something. What do guys think I should do? I'd really appreciate some girls' comments on this too. I really like this girl, so any help is appreciated.


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  • never indicate interest until you've demonstrated higher value than all the other guys who will or have bent over backwards for a girl... being the "nice guy", and buying her gifts before you've even made any moves on her is NOT the way to win her over.. I know it's a jerky thing to say but treat her rough and you'll get her muff.. in other words, make her chase you, don't act like you care if she likes you or not.. I suggest letting this one get away and moving on to the next one because sorry to say, man.. but it sounds like she's not interested.

    maybe she stuck around for the conversations just to be polite?