I Have a Crush on My 26yr Old Dance Teacher... NOW WHAT?

I'm 19. I've known him personally for 2 years through a workshop and mutual friend (if you keep up with a popular dance TV show, you might, too). Lots of girls found/find him cute, but being non-romantic (and somewhat defensive that our dance styles are so similar), I did not.
Due to my most recent adventures, I've been taking classes in L. A. quite often and while goofing around one day (a year ago), developed a crush on him. I thought it wasn't a big deal, but now that I am moving down there as a professional dancer, too, I believe it has become more prominent to me.
I was wondering if I should do anything about this. Where would I start? Thanks!

Sorry, meant to say 25. I don't know how to update that directly.


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  • Just remember- most dudes who get with younger girls are with them because they just turned ripe, they haven't been through that many dudes yet and they're naive. All girls who get with older guys "know them" and they're "not like that" until it ends and they realize they got used.


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  • So there is a 6 year difference. Honestly I wouldn't date him if he's going to be helping you dance more and teach. Only date him if he's not going to be your teacher. That way if y'all broke up it wouldn't be so bad since you wouldn't have to keep seeing him.


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  • Ask he out


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