Girls, Why has she become so distant all of a sudden?

So I met this girl on a dating website. We automatically hit it off, i mean everything was clicking and we were compatible in everything. We talked about everything from religion to marriage and told one another things we would never really tell anyone else. We had amazing sexual chemistry (confirmed by her many times). This is all long distance mind you, so it was always a phone convo/texting. I started to catch feeling hard in the first week which is normal but then i started to reciprocate her thoughts of "this has never happened to me before" "i feel really strongly about you" (DUMBASS MOVE BY ME). So Tuesday she was great we talked for about 2-3 hours. The following morning i sent her very affectionate text messages, and she didn't respond back until i had texted her name in a playful manner (Another Dumbass move should have left it be). We talked normally then, and then Thursday she seemed a little distant making an excuse of being tired whereas before when she was tired she would still make an effort to talk (I think this was her being nice and saying outright i need space), she did however text me goodnight with a kiss face i had fallen asleep at this time. So on Friday it texted her saying i fell asleep, the rest of the day we did not text much, we talked here and there but she never really made the effort to go out of her way and constantly text me so i just let it be and answered only when she texted me. That night she texted me she missed me, and wish i was there. I reciprocated but kept my texts as caring but not overcaring, and wanted to make sure i was just nonchalant and not to incite any drama by asking her what went wrong. I made myself too available. Today she hasn't texted me at all. Should i just cut off contact and only answer when she texts me? I feel like she's overwhelmed by my dumbass, and just might need some time to process? I mean i left her alone yesterday and she said she missed me and wanted me there. So i need help please.
Thank you for the advice, i had not contacted her and let her contact me. She came back with an I miss you and i wish you were here. I reciprocated. A couple days back i had asked if it would be ok to visit her while she's visiting in my state because she lives not he west coast. She said it wouldn't sit well with her brother and mother (its a culture thing). So i said no worries and i wholeheartedly understood. So she took my holding out as i was angry about that which i wasn't.
She's a scorpio and I'm a taurus. I am starting to understand her disappearing acts, i don't agree with them but if thats how she emotionally recharges then so be it. I'll support it because i know i like to recharge myself by being alone but i don't cutoff the whole world (just most of it). She's been unavailable here and there in spurts but when she comes back it's non-stop. I have tons of patience than god. So i know i'll be able to weather this storm. She's worth it.


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  • No don't cut it off with her yet. Maybe there is something going on and she's stressed and doesn't want to talk. Just let her know you care about her (:

    • I have been showering with support left and right at the same time trying not to be overbearing and just being patient. :)

  • She probably has something going on that makes her feel like she needs a break from her phone. Don't over think it too much but waiting until she texts you first is probably a good idea.

    • Turns out she was concerned about our lack of texting (which stemmed from her) and i told her never to hesitate when it comes to any concerns about me. She just went ghost protocol again today. It's ok i think i hope and i pray i'm getting the hang of this. Taurus really don't play games like these. But i love her. SO she's worth the mental anguish.

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