Could this dating approach work?

I just realized I don't really have ways to meet girls, if I meet a girl I would probably not see her again because it would have to be a party or the supermarket. Is not like when I was in school where you know for sure you will be seeing the same girls more than once.

So my approach plan is to meet them, ask then for their number, call them and ask then out for a date, but I wonder if this could work? I don't think many girls are open to date so fast. Is been 3 years since my last date.


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  • Yes, go ahead and try it, it will work with some girls, especially if they seem receptive to you in conversation. An alternative, perhaps safer way:

    Instead of asking for the number on the first meeting, after you have a nice conversation with her for about 6 minutes or longer, tell her it was nice talking to her, ask her name and if she'd want to connect with you on Facebook or through email sometime. This way, she's not under pressure to give you a phone number right away--you could have one or two more conversations online before you actually ask her out.


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  • Welcome to the adult world. It only gets tougher to meet people because of the time constraints of work. The older women get, the less they are open to 'street' pickups. Too many bad experiences, esp. in urban areas.

    One thing you can do is join professional groups in your field. Good way to kill two birds with one stone. Plus, you know the women have interests beyond what they can buy. Whatever you do, get out and do things. Many people have found out the hard way that watching Seinfeld reruns every night isn't a good way to meet someone new.

  • It might work for some girls. I would say if you try that make sure whatever the first date is that its non-threatening and not full of expectations. Something simple like, hey want to get some coffee with me sometime if they say yes get there phone numba!

    • I was thinking about a movie or concert, some girls don't like cofee.

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