Is this a date? complicated story?

So about 3 months ago my closest friend decicded to kick me from her life because she thought i was in love with her, which i wasn't and she brought some of my friends along on her hate bandwagon and they joined because they're in a band together and they didn't want to fight her. in that some period she (let's call her jaimy) broke up with her girlfriend (yes she's gay) for no real reason. Those 2 had 3 year on/off relationship and her ex is now done with her and is moving on.

in the past 3 months me and the ex, let's call her andrea, got a lot closer and actually became rather good friends. we both had a lot of questions and we helped eachother filling in some of the gaps about what happened. We hanged out a few times and we've been real honest about stuff not many people know. But we also talk a lot of fun, just fooling around and even flirting a bit. Now i got tickets for a show and i asked her if she wanted to join me. she said "sounds good!! :D never heard of part 1 ;) ;) ;)"

I didn't look much into it untill one of my friends said it was a date. I have to admit that she's completely my type but i never thought of asking her out because i know she is still dealing with the break up + i just liked chilling with her cause she's cool and i don't have that many friends currently.

Before this all went down we had some occasional contact when those 2 had a fight or when the 3 of us were hanging out. Me and Andrea always had fun and always joked about dating just to tease Jaimy but now things changed and i just need to know if this is a date or not.

I'm a male and Andrea is bisexual.
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  • definetely friends bro... it was a concert gosh.

    so wot i assume here since jaimy's gay... she's jelly of andrea hangin around wid u. i believe since jelly has broke-up wid her X, maybe she caught some interest towards andrea.

    • it's not a concert but a movie premiere but that doesn't really matter. I'm more than happy with being friends, just wanted to make sure but so far even the votes aren't sure haha.

    • ah sorry...

  • I voted date, but it is a little more complicated than just a date. I would find that medium vote that didn't exist, that you went out as slightly more than friends. It's great that you are connecting, but you both have a lot of baggage and need to really sort that out. To you, it might be a date but to her, it could be something else. The only way to be sure is to ask her out again. But don't say 'hang out'. Make sure you're clear that it's just going to be the two of you, but don't freak her out. Just make it casual and fun.


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