Guys, if u say to the girl u were dating that u are now dating someone else and she doesn't respond, what would u think?

and why would u keep fishing for a reply?


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  • Guys, like girls, make all sorts of tasteless decisions all day. This is sometimes increased when it comes to love and relationships since we are all being manipulated by emotions rather than logic. When he makes a decision, it doesn't mean there aren't consequences to his actions, and one of those consequences is regret. We've all felt that way, rejecting someone for something then thinking, 'why did I just do that?' If I were to guess, it's a deep rooted strain of regret in his actions. There could be a million reasons why he's still fishing, bored, revenge, he's insane, wants to make sure you're alright, wants the last say, but all of these are irrelevant because he made his choice. It's hard to tell someone not to take it personally because that isn't how you feel about it, even if you are fine with his decision. I'm just giving my own opinion here, but I would view this as extremely rude, especially if you've already explained that you don't want to reply to him after this. It's almost like he wants to put salt in the wound he created and isn't happy you aren't complying. Some guys really have no level of respect for people so I wouldn't think on his actions too deeply since he isn't worth your time. If I wanted to date another girl, I would just tell the girl I'm dating that I'm not interested, not try to let her know there's someone else I find better.

    • at the end I replied, but it all went in a fight. I didn't want to reply but he was saying hello? like asking for me tl say something, it was just stupid, then he said we can be friends, but he alsi said we canmt keep in touch but we can talk. and when I asked how so, he said it's just comolicated. Also, I asked why he didn't want ro have me on fb again (I deleted him first) and he said he diesn't want to hurt the girl he is dating. Which is stupid cuz this guy still has a profile picture with his ex and he has his ex on fb and he is dating someone else now. I was just a fling I guess. at the end i just said ok u are right it's not fair for her. bye.

    • and i was like saying just tell me u don't want anything to do with me anymore and that is it and he was like things are not like that is just there is this issue i'm dating someone now and i donmt see how we can keep in touch.

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  • I think she got the message and feels hurt...

    • but why looking for an answer? this guy just told me that and I don't have anything else tosay. but he is like saying why I haven't reply.

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    • yes, and when he left he was the one worrying about if we were going to keep talking or anything else. so I agreed. so it was ok if I left him without an answer?

    • I think it's the best... Because in an LDR you're already talking, so if now you'd talk, it'd still feel as a relationship, getting that lie in your head that you still have a thing... It's better to let go

  • To make her jealous?


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