Is my boyfriend still with his ex?

I asked my boyfriend (we are together for 3 months now) about his previous relationships. My boyfriend mentioned to me that his ex of 2 years messaged him in December of 2014. I met him on March 2015. I asked him to show me the emails and he did. I have asked him if they still talk and he said he hasn't talked to her since December. She wrote him the email first saying merry Christmas, I hope you are doing well and saying that she is sorry for hurting him last year and that he is a wonderful person. She also wrote love at the end of the email with her name under it. I noticed his reply and he did the same thing but he asked her how her grandpa is doing and everything. She replied to the email and he then said I haven't heard from you in a couple days, hope you are ok. I noticed that he didn't put love in the email again. Then she said, "I got this email and I'm gonna send you a text". That was the last of the emails. I asked for the texts, he tried finding them but couldn't.

He admit to me that he liked her at the time of the emails. I said did she have feelings too and he said, " Probably. But it didn't work out." I asked him why it didn't work out and he said he didn't know. I also asked him if they met after the emails and he said no.

I told him if he can tell her about me and he said no because it would be awkward to tell her about the whole new girlfriend thing.

The scary thing he said was, I can give you her contact information but if you message her, I will dump you. What does that mean? Is he secretly in a relationship?

By the way, the emails were 3 months before I began dating him. And we met on a dating site. He has introduced me to his family and friends and even his ex girlfriend best friend liked our relationship status...

If it didn't work out, then why would she write love at the end of the email? What do I think?

And one time I was hanging out with his him and his friend and he made a joke about that my boyfriend talks about me 70% of the time and 30% of the time about another girl. He said it was a joke but I am not sure if that's true or not because my boyfriend looked at his friend after he said that.


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  • I think it can be possible that he still talks to her. She did say she would text him on the email. His comment about dumping you if you message her makes me believe he is still talking to her and maybe more. I don't think his friend was joking. I think you would need more proof that he is still talking to her. He did say he is not and it depends on how much you trust and believe him?

    • He told me I can contact her but if I do then he will break up with me. So far he has been honest about pretty much everything. I'm not so sure. I'll wait and see what happens. Thank you.

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    • I'll keep n eye on him and what do you mean by routine changes? Thanks for taking the time to reply :)

    • Your very welcome. I mean by routine like things that he would normally do like for example text you at certain times or see you at certain times. You will be able to tell if he start changing because you will be able to tell the difference. And I am very glad that your keeping an eye on him.

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