I can't tell if he's into me or not?

So me and this guy met on tinder when I was in ocean city md. I'm from New York and so is he but he lives in Maryland now. He came up to New York in June to see his parents and we ended up grabbing lunch on a Sunday. We spent six hours at the place and had some drinks and we ended up getting a hotel room. We hung out and slept together. We spent the night and we woke up early the next day because he had to drive back to Maryland for work. He texted me right away and then things seemed to die down after awhile. Then we have been talking a lot because he was coming up to NY this weekend and he was gonna come see me too. He came up Sunday and spent Sunday and Monday at his parents and tues night he came to spend the night with me because I had a free house. He drove an hour and 15 minutes to me and we hung out, talked, had sex 3 times, slept and then he had to leave this morning at 10am. He is moving to Baltimore because he got a new job and I might be moving there next year. He texted me after he left saying "$16 Jesus lol" about the bridge that I told him to take. We had a short convo. Haven't heard from since.

Does he seem into me at all?
Can the sex be that good that he drove an hour and 15 minutes out of his way to spend the night?


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  • actually 75 mins isn't a long time... if it was 2-3 hrs or more then ok. unless if he really enjoys drivin... so this would't mean a shit to him.

    so now it's Saturday and didn't text u.. i'm afraid he considered u just a hook-up... after all u met him on tinder u say tinder'sa hook-up application mostly. anyway give it a try textin him but don't xpect too much dat he'll text back, etc


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