Do you think he likes me?

Me and this guy met on tinder at the beginning of July and have been talking every day. We finally met on Wednesday night. I was gonna go out to him but the traffic was bad and he offered to come out to me. We only live 20 mins away from each other. I had a free house because I was babysitting and I wanted to just meet him and chill out, no pressure. He came at 8:45pm and stayed until 2am. We literally talked and watched tv. He gave me a massage and was feeling my boobs and sucked on them a little and that was it. We didn't have sex. He left at 2am and I told him to text me when he got home. At 2:30 he said "just got in. Night" so I said "night! Thanks for coming!" Then on Thursday I didn't hear from him so around 5 I texted him saying that I had fun and he said "haha it was fun but I def needed more sleep today" and we were talking a little and then nothing since. I'm not sure if I'm overthinking, but I feel like I'm into things and I can't tell if he is?

1. Do you think he's into things?
2. Should I wait for him to text me next?


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  • 1) first of all u should know tinder's a hook-up application mostly. sure there r people there who r lookin for sth serious... but MOST of 'em don't... so don't xpect much from tinder.

    2) better yeah since it's supposed to be his turn now. u went first twice. but if he doesn't say anything after a week was passed go first again... but still as i told u don't xpect much from tinder ;)


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  • the best thing you can do at this point is ask him about his feelings about it, see if he's interested or if it was just a one-time thing


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  • Let him chase u


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