Would you tell him again?

So back in 2012, I was cornered into telling my best friend that I liked him while he was in a long distance relationship (which come to find out became abusive) he responded that he liked me too and that he was sorry he couldn't reciprocate because he had a girlfriend. In 2013, he told me he moved to CA to be with his girlfriend. He came back in August 2014 when they broke up and we have been hanging out as per usual and he is always hugging me and stuff. I honestly haven't been able to forget him, he is my best friend and I really do like him a lot, if you were me would you tell him that you like him or should i just try to move on (which I haven't been able to)


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  • i'd tell him only if he was free...

    i mean particularly in 2012 i wouldn't.. nor in 2013. so i'd tell him in 2014. probably da best moment to tell!

    • He is free now he's been free for about a year and back in 2012 I was forced to tell him

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    • Thanks!

    • u r welcome :)

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