Does she like me or am I bothering her?

Hi, I've known a girl (my crush) for two years and it has been since last year that I have started taking interest in her. It's taken until mid March for me to have the courage to talk to her, so 5 months. We talk casually online as we don't get to talk to each other much in person. We've had around 30 conversation but she has only started 1,(not including the time she has continued the conversation by saying "Sorry for the late reply"). The conversations are quite thorough (average 25 replies). To be honest I'm quite dense when it comes to this subject. Does she like me, if so should I still be initiating the conversation, or am I just bothering her?
Thank you. (Extra details are available on request.)

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@Klaatu51 It was a casual hey and a question about what I was going to do to for an event that we were both doing.


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  • chances r option "B" judgin by how frequently u initiate... seems like she's just toleratin u sorry. she just doesn't say "u bother me" in order to not hurt u i believe...

    but anyway... wot she said when she initiated?

    • Just learnt I could do this, sorry I'm new. Yeah as it says on the edit.

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    • So would you say it's a give up?

    • i'm afraid yeah :|

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