Do you think this guy at the gym is interested?

So I really like this guy that goes to my gym. We started talking because he was doing bioenergetics and making strange noises. Most people would just think it was weird, but I knew what it was so I asked him if that was in fact what he was doing. Then we had a conversation and he asked me things about myself and since then, whenever we are both at the gym at the same time we talk.

If I don't initiate a conversation myself, he will come up to me and make a comment about his workout to start the conversation. He is always there at the same time as me on Friday so basically every Friday we talk, but he never asks for my number. Last week I asked if he was on facebook, but he said he doesn't have social media because he would rather read a book or something. He could've then asked for my phone number (or given me his) when he said he wasn't on facebook, but he didn't.

Then yesterday we talked again, and at one point I went over to the area where he was lifting because I was "trying to find something." He said he didn't know where it was, but then asked if I wanted to work in with him and do a set of jerks (an olympic lift). He ended up teaching me to jerk. So I'm guessing this is a possible sign of interest?

What are your thoughts on this situation? I'm not sure if he's interested and is just trying to take it really slow and get to know me better before making a move, or just likes me in a friendly way. I try not to chase him, but sometimes I do try to be in his vicinity just because I enjoy talking to him. Should I stop trying to be close to him and see what he does?



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  • He might be into you yep! Don't stop being close


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