Best way to turn a guy loose for inconsiderate behavior without ignoring him and sinking to his level?

I hate when people ignore people to prove a point, so I've made a vow to always be straightforward, even if that person treated me in an inconsiderate nature or badly because I do not want to treat them in the same manner they treated me. Plus, communication is what adults should do. I'd rather them understand why I cut them off, than to just wonder.

How does this sound?

"Instead of being inconsiderate and ignoring you back, engaging in childish games, I'd rather be upfront and communicate why I'm no longer interested in talking to you. Ignoring someone, especially without an attempt to apologize upon your "reappearance," is just rude and juvenile, and honestly, it's emotionally manipulative. I don't have time for men who disregard women in such a way and attempt to make up for it with the word "beautiful." It was fun while it lasted. I wish you the best in the future. Goodbye."


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  • sounds good but ends quite abruptly. maybe say "It was fun while it lasted, and I wish you the best in the future, but it hink its best if we no longer have any contact."

    I dont know, just "goodbye" doesn't sound quite right. other than that its fine.

    • He just spewed anger at me when I sent that. Looks like I dodged a bullet! He said I ignored him for 4 days and he ignored me for 6, but that it wasn't okay? He even screen-shotted his texts where he said he wanted to talk to me and I didn't respond... but that was because I called him that night. He was trying to manipulate me even further by making it look like I treated him the same when I hadn't. He talked about how he had worked 75/144 hours the last week, trying to further his life and make his life better, blah, blah. He said to shove my psychoanalytical bullshit up my own ass and that we would have never worked out if I would send him that long of a paragraph blaming him and blah, blah. Talk about rage...

      Looks like he showed me I made the right decision. What an asshole.

    • what ever you do, dont reply. You said your goodbyes, and were amicable about it. sounds as though he is clutching at straws, trying to win an argument. Im sure he is hurting and its his emotions talking but the best thing to do now is try to move on. it really does sound as though you are better off without him.

      By the way, its nice to see people such as yourself ending things in such a decent way. I've had some seriously shit break ups in the past which were really unnecessary

    • I'm not going to engage someone like that, don't worry. I agree. It hurts when someone tells you the truth and it seems like he's doing all he can to deflect this situation, even lying.

      Thank you. After being hurt by people who just ignored me in the past, I've made it a point to always communicate like an adult. I'm beginning to see that it's harder, but worth it because... the truth seems to come out that way and honestly, he can have closure and so can I.

      I refuse to participate in this ignore culture anymore. I've grown, thank God.

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