Girls, What would your perfect dream date include?

Location, food, time of day... etc.


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  • Hummer... Probably in the fall, his house or mine, evening, a home cooked meal made either by me or him, light conversation getting to know each other, walk me to the door with a light kiss to the forehead. YUP.


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  • Going to a really good pop punk concert in the afternoon. He'd boost me up so I could crowdsurf and we'd sing along at the top of our lungs. Then we'd go have a late lunch at some fast food place (doesn't matter where, im not picky), and then find a indoor trampoline park or something to pass the time. At night we'd go somewhere clear with a lot of stars and have a really deep conversation.
    ... I don't know im cheesy I guess :p

    • It's not cheesy at all, it's actually sounds really fun. Although I would be exaughsted by the end of it.

    • also this is kinda out of nowhere but I just remembered id love to go to a planetarium

    • That would be really romantic... especially if you had the place to yourself

  • Playing hide and seek in Walmart at 1 am. We'd eat all types of junk food, and then race shopping carts.

  • Oh, lessee. Tomorrow. At the beach. He's not a fan of PDA, but since he's fair and can't reach the center of his back, he lets me put sunscreen on him. We pass the afternoon soaking up the sun and talking, building a big sand beast, throwing a frisbee around in the water, whatever. As the shadows start to get long, we drive back to his place, hop in the shower together to wash off the sunscreen, and now that we have privacy, he'll let me use his body any way I want. We make something light and cool for dinner together. Maybe he has a friend playing a gig somewhere local and we go out to hear them and then walk back holding hands in the cool night air. Have sex again and fall asleep with his arms wrapped around me.
    This actually could be my afternoon tomorrow! :-) :-) :-)

    • Minus the sex that sounds like a pretty good afternoon. Good luck on your date tomorrow, I hope it all goes as you planned.

  • April 16th. All you need is a light jacket.

    • What happens on April 16th?

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    • Now you're getting it!

    • I don't really remember that movie at all, was it called the perfect date or something

  • My perfect dream date includes:

    - My man
    - Food
    - Our imaginations :)


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