Why am I so scared to approach woman in real-life?

I message probably 100 girls a week online but I am afraid to approach one in real life. Even if I am pretty sure she is interested in me?


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  • Practice makes perfect? What would happen if you forced yourself to approach a bunch of women you aren't actually attracted to, so you really have no horse in the race. Get desensitized to talking with strangers, then charm a few women into giving you their numbers (you dont actually owe them a call just because they gave you a number). Don't lie or make any promises you don't intend to keep, just get yourself used to the discomfort of the approach and the sometimes rejection, and eventually you'll be ready (not calm, just ready) to talk to a girl you really like.


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  • Your question has the answer within. You're 'pretty' sure, but that's not good enough because climbing Mount Everest would be easier than understanding if a girl is only being super friendly, or is showing romantic interest. Often, they themselves are unsure.

    The only way to go about this, is to approach them without any expectations. It's just a numbers game. Approach 10, 50 or even 100 girls, and eventually one of them will actually be interested.

    • That is what I mean. I am scared to approach her even without any expectations.

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  • I m not understand you


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