If he stops spending as much time with you, is he going to dump you?

me and my boyfriend have been together a fairly short amount of time but he says he's in love with me we were spending almost every day together when we first started and now I'm lucky if I see him at all...now I understand that eventually the amount of time you spend together has 2 be shortened you can't be up each others asses all the time but when I do see him he comes over at like 7 and lays down and goes 2 sleep then wakes up at like 10 pm then leaves because he has work in the morning...we haven't been out on a date in almost a month and I've seen him twice in the past two weeks and we had a date set up for today(I asked him 2 go out of course he'd never ask me) and I text him 2 see what time I should be ready and he isn't replying this happens quite often he won't reply to text messages then like 10 hours later he replies...is he getting ready to dump me?

he dumped me today...


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  • He may have been preparing exams or so (or family problems)


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  • well am sure that he hv lost his interest and u...

    wt you should do z text him and tell him to meet you out somewhere...and if he didn't show up or replied he's nt ganna hear ur voice ever again *gv him time limit* f he ddnt know you jst survived a dumping situation...and f he replied and show up...ask him! like wts going on...u said you love me wts up...z there sth I need to know...all these thing

    cause no1 can gv a better answer than him

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