Guys, friends with benefits?

I have a friend with benefits. Well i think that's what we are anyways. We do so much together. Outside of the bedroom. Sometimes when i stay for the night we will just cuddle each other in bed and go to sleep without having sex. He will then make me breakfast in the morning. He's asked me questions to get to know me as well like what's my middle name and tell me something interesting about you.
Are we dating? Cause I'm sure at the start he said he didn't want anything serious, is he maybe coming around to the idea of a relationship with me?


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  • Could be leading that way sometimes we might not be ready for the pressures of a relationship especially after we've been hurt.

    Dating brings titles and titles bring expectations. Personally I've only done this with the best of intentions. He could very well be getting closer to it.

    If you try to claim him maybe try making him feel needed/important. Let him know how much you enjoy being around him and so on.
    However if you're comfortable with letting Him have his time you can test the water by bringing this kinda stuff up here and there.

    Never give him an ultimatum because it'll start to cause it all to crash and burn.

    • perfect response.

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    • Thanks heaps for your comment. Helps a lot! I really wanna let him know that if he decides to make me his girlfriend that i won't stop him doing the things he does. As in, take away his freedom of going out with the guys etc. How should i let him know that?

    • First put him in a good mood a really fun day out or something among other activities. Best mood possible then work it in there.
      Maybe just letting him know that as in like "nothing has to change" and "I'm not pressuring you I just want to let you know" combined with how important he is to you among other stuff from above

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  • It's possible but it seems like this is a popular thing now a days, to be s friends with benefits, less hassle and not as serious so no jealousy or commitment so he is happy about that with you anyway so your getting treated just as if your dating

  • Yeah. Most likely... He's probably noticing he likes spending time with you and having you around and he wants that all the time...

  • nope, friends with benefits are friends who have sex. Id stick with one partner.

  • Why not ask him his feelings over a vegemite sanger for brekky


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