Guys that act like everything is fine, then ghost on you?

I don't think I will ever get this one. He was so nice and I thought we had worked out the fact we were at different places... shot him a light text ignored. Waited a few days. Shot him another text in which I said I wasn't going to play this push/pull game and laid my feelings on the line. Ignored. Why act like you like a woman and things are good, only two ghost on her after two weeks? It makes no sense, especially since he told me he would tell me if he didn't want to talk anymore in the beginning. Our friends are just as floored as I am.


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  • People do die.

    • He didn't die. He's also being avoiding my friend's husband, his buddy.

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    • I'm the one that contacted him in the first place so that we could talk because he was distant. He said he still wanted to talk, regardless of what was best for me, even though he wasn't ready. Then, just disappears for two weeks after making such a point to say he still wanted to talk? He did tell me in the beginning that he never knows what he wants. I should have ran then. Obviously he changed his mind. All our friends say they could tell he liked me. I guess it was fear like you said, aside from my reassurances, vulnerability, and kindness. It really hurts to care about someone and not be able to speak to them, but I couldn't allow him to ignore me and keep disrespecting me. He made his choice. It just sucks because I would never cheat and I really liked him. I am not better than him. But, I feel like the guy I cared about isn't the same guy who managed to shit on my feelings. It's tough.

    • I think you're doing the right thing. Not all relationship opportunities will work, always have that expectation in every relationship and it won't hurt so much. I hope you will be ok. Take care and best wishes.

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  • Men are cowards no surprise


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  • never get that feeling

  • I have no idea, but if he's behaving this way now, it's better you know at this point than later when you've invested all of your feelings.

    • Very true. I just hate that I can't let go. I love closure and his ignoring is making it hard because I don't know why he chose to disrespect me like that, after I had been nothing but nice. But, he could have taken my last message wrong because I pointed out that I understood why he was pushing me away... because I cared and that was why he always wound up instead with women who didn't care and used him. He wouldn't let the good ones close. I said what I had to say, and in the end, he made me think he was ready then started pulling away. He's obviously not on the same maturity level as me.

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