How to get girlfriend to compromise?

A friend of mine is homeless, and has 2 children under the age of 5... She is like a best friend to me and I really want her to move in with me for at least a couple months so she can get back on her feet.. but the problem is that I live with my girlfriend and she gets extremely jealous and competitive around other woman so I know there's no way she is gonna want her to live with us.. is there anyway I can convince my girlfriend to let her and her kids live with us?


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  • I wouldn't want that either lol
    Is your place big enough? Do you trust this girl not to steal anything? Will her kids wreck your place? Are you willing to kick her out if she doesn't get her shit together in the time you said?


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  • This is going to sound rough, but maybe you should brainstorm with your girlfriend, once her concerns have been aired and addressed, write up a contract that you both agree with. Have all parties sign it. More often than not, if you show a partner that their opinion matters and is taken seriously, they won't feel so insecure about it.

  • No, another woman shouldn't be living with you. she can go to a shelter

  • Tell her to think about the children.


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