Girls have you ever felt a chemistry spark from the nice guys vs bad boys?

Just wondering if the nice guys are capable of making a woman feel loved with a lot of chemistry, or is it mainly the bad boys?


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  • I'm not attracted to nice guys or bad boys.

    • What type (s) are you attracted to?

    • Someone more in the middle.

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  • the girls I dated probably have. especially in 1998 when I got spanked in school a lot.


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  • Personally, I always went for the 'bad boy' and it never got me very far. I've been talking to a 'nice guy' now for over a month and he probably makes me smile and feel happier than any of the guys in the past. So I would say yes, nice guys are capable of doing that.

    • That's good to hear. It's said the nice guys win out in long term relationships.

    • I could see why that's said.

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