This man is killing me with his "game", if it is one.

In a nutshell:

Ive known him for 4 years.

we were never dating or in a relationship, just friends

we had sex once 4 years ago.

He loves in another state so we have been phone friends

He stopped calling me for awhile, I called him after a year then he started calling me again, for 6 months.

He stopped calling me again.

He friend requested me on Facebook but I don't use that service.

I saw him online soon after that and casually said HI to him, he acted "busy" and said he had to let me go.

He started forwarding me jokes he had received , along with other people.

about 2 months ago he forwarded JUST me a joke.

he called me 2 weeks ago and left a message. saying he was saying HI. He did not say to call him back.

On the advice of people on here, I waited 10 days to call him back, got his voicemail, kept it real casual , said I was returning his call, hope all was well, and Id talk to him later. That was all I said.

Well its been about a week and he has not called back.

I am not calling him.

WHAT DOES ANYONE MAKE OF THIS SITUATION? This man is killing me with his "game", if it is one.


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